July 9, 2021 @ 7:38 PM

As academic coaches, teachers and tutors for mathematics one of the questions we hear time after time from frustrated students is "what do I need this for" or "where will I use this". And I would definitely partly agree with these questions. There are really topics and concepts in mathematics that many of us will never use  or see again in our lives. But from that to argument, to go to the other extreme and completely disregard mathematics it is a whole different conservation.

To my opinion in a brief summary I believe that the main question and task for mathematics educators is to find what math areas and level are appropriate for each one of us and how  we can create sufficient mechanisms to identify them with as much certainty as possible. This can save money for the states and time for students to pursue their passion in fields that suits them the best and not get frustrated over a subject that have not interest in. The ideal model which is gaining ground all over the world it would be an individualized study where each student will study the math is interested in, at his/her pace.

To my opinion there are three main  reasons for which we need mathematics.

a) Without the use of advanced mathematics we will still be leaving in medieval times. In the evolution of technology mathematics played huge part through the ages. Computer science, engineering, medicine are few of the areas that advanced mathematics had a significant contribution although the overwhelming majority of people have no idea about it.

b) As I stress many times math is the science of precision and therefore the truth. Everybody and I mean everybody has to know some basic math, arithmetic, logic in order not to be full by the rest of us.

c) Math can be used as a tool to evaluate students and predict their future performance in different academic or otherwise disciplines. SAT for example is one such case. We don't know how efficient these tests are but for sure they are in the right direction.  

Therefore the real question is not if we need mathematics, but what kind and what level of mathematics we need. Further research is needed in order to address this issue and make mathematics education more relevant and pleasant to all of us.