September 6, 2021 @ 10:40 PM

You started a new math or physics course and you are struggling with it. So is time to hire a tutor. There are plenty of options available. You google "math tutor" or "physics tutor" and tens of options are available to you. The question is how to choose the best match for you. Below I will try to give some tips that will help you to figure out this question.

a) Make sure that the potential tutor has excellent command of the  course that you have problem with. If the potential tutor is a student ask him/her to show you what grade he/she acquired in the particular course. Make sure that he/she took the course recently. In case that the potential tutor is a person running a tutoring service, ask for a certificate of a degree that has at least a minor in math or physics. If possible ask for recommendation from a student that worked with the tutor in the same course recently. If none of the above are available make sure that the tutor or tutoring company is around for many years. You can check this information on google maps. If someone is in business for many years most probably he/she is doing something right. Google and facebook reviews and ratings are also something you should consider. Anything above 4 stars most probably is a good match.   

b) Make sure the tutor is a excellent communicator. You can check this by having a short discussion with him/her.

c) Make sure the tutor is a responsible person. You might get a tutor with excellent command of the subject matter and great communication skills but  when you need him/her the most there is nowhere to find him/her. Again here you go with probabilities. You check in google how long has been around and what google and facebook  reviews he/she has. Between a student and a non student potential tutor you should choose the later because usually students are not that dependable, specifically during the exams periods where they are stressed out.

I hope that the above tips are useful and will help you to choose the right tutor.