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Journal for Practical Physics Education, 2019

Journal for Practical Physics Education deals with the major issues of the field of Physics Education. It offers a pragmatic perspective rather than academic one that can offer real solutions on the problems. Topics can be divided in the following three categories:

a) the purpose of physics education (including the development of technology with it's advantages and pitfalls for the future of humankind),

b) the development of useful curriculum appropriate for different groups of learners of physics, and 

c) how to help students of physics reach their full potential on the subject.

25 Apr 2019    How to solve a physics problem


Steps of physics problem solving involves mainly two parts; the physics and the math one. In the physics part there are three steps, the table of given and unknowns, a diagram and choosing the right formulas for the solution of the problem.The math part has also three steps, creating the system of equations, solving the system symbolically and checking the units.



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