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I guess the question I have to answer is with so many free resources on the internet do you have to pay to buy my videos. Well, the overwhelming majority of these materials (videos, pdf. files, etc) they are repetitive examples on the topics, scratching just the surface of the topic and while you might feel good and confident when you view it you feel disappointed once you have to solve a problem in the topic on your exam. They lack a clear methodology on how to approach any problem in the topic and to answer the vital questions on when to use a particular concept. My videos are just to the point well structured and once you finish viewing them you are ready to solve even the most challenging problem in the topic.

More precisely the structure of my video is the following:


All my math videos have 3 components.

a) When to use the particular topic. The main difficulty that the majority of students have when they are given a math problem to solve is, how do I know what math concept or topic do I have to to use in order to solve this problem. This challenge becomes more significant on a final exam where the student has to choose from so many topics that the course has. Therefore knowing when you have to choose each topic automatically addresses this challenge.

b) A brief theory on the topic. Among other features math is a discipline of abstraction, and learning to think abstractly is one of the goals of math education. I know that most students find this part unpleasant and boring but I can assure you that is a necessary part of proper mathematical learning. The reason for that is that it is the general rule that creates the particular which are the infinite number of examples. Omitting it from a math presentation we run the risk to ignore important information on the topic. The easiest the example the greater the risk.

c) An illustrated example/s on the topic. Finally at the end of my presentation  I have a solved example or  two on the topic to walk you step by step through part (b). The examples I use are such as they employ all the information in (b).


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