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Coaching is very different from tutoring. When I provide this service I am 100% responsible for the results that the student produces. Since I take full responsibility for the student's success he/she has to follow my instructions/advices which of course are reasonable and are restricted exclusively on the course that we are working together. To be more precise, that can be which topics of the course the student should focus more, material he/she can use that can help master the material faster and easier, tips on what to do during a math or physics exam, how to manage stress before an exam, etc.

Students writing undergraduate research papers, internal assessments for SL or HL, IB program, exploration papers in math or physics, can benefit a lot from this service.

How does it works? The student, parent/s or guardian/s and myself  we have a meeting. The student undergoes an evaluation on the subject he/she wants to be coached in order to define his/her level. Then we all together define a goal which he/she has to reach in a particular time interval. Then we work all together in order to achieve this outcome.

Benefits:Guarantee results! As I mentioned above I am in command! Therefore I take full responsibility for the final result. If the student follow my instructions and doesn't reach the goal we have set from the beginning, it is simple; I am not getting paid.




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