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With the rapid development of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and the wide access to people around the globe, Online Tutoring became one of the main modes of tutoring and tends to be the mainstream of it. 55.1% or 3.2 billion people with the 2 billion from the developing countries have access to internet as of June 2018. The main advantages online tutoring has to offer with almost no disadvantage over other means of tutoring makes it very appealing to pupils around the world. Whether individually or in groups it has to offer a lot of benefits to the student body.

The most important is that it gives students the opportunity to choose from a vast list of choices since he/she is not restricted to the small geographic area that is located. They can choose the best tutor for their money. This argument it only becomes stronger if we take in to consideration the fact that the tutor saves time and money from transportation fees which allows him/her to give the same service with a discount rate. In top of that saves student valuable time from hectic schedule  and transportation fees too.

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It is also a great mean of communication when whether conditions are extreme. It is also safer than live interaction since is immune to human transmitted diseases (flu, etc.) Finally gives access to education to isolated communities.

Online tutoring is great resource for last minute questions or problems (assignment due, upcoming exam), when you are running out of time or choices.  But can provide a great help if used on a regular basis for students that want to learn from the comfort of their own setting without having to be disturbed from the physical presence of a tutor. Finally can benefit any student when the combination of the quality of the service with the tuition fees is so attractive to resist.

We offer individual and group rates.

All online tutoring is done via Skype, Face Time, YouTube or Google Hangout.

We offer our service for the following courses:


All Elementary and High school courses

Definite and Integral Calculus of Single Variable, for both Science and Commerce options)

Linear Algebra

Discrete Math


All High School courses


Electricity and Magnetism

Optics, Waves and Modern Physics


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