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I believe that it is my obligation to provide all the necessary information that will enable you to evaluate the "service per cost" ratio of my services and decide to choose me or not over my competitors. I can't convince you that I am an excellent tutor despite my academic credentials my experiences, references, student and faculty evaluations that I have. I can really understand any doubt you may have because all those are just papers which are indications but in no way the consist a prove of my competence. But what I can really prove with a mathematical precision is that neither a cent of your money nor a second of your time will be wasted if you choose my services. Please allow me to explain what I mean.

I am in the service business and as such two factors are of a great importance in my opinion. The quality of the service itself and the delivery of the service. I will start from the second . By delivery  I mean precision in appointments. For example lets say that I have to meet a student at 5:00 p.m. for one hour session and for some reason I come 10 minutes late. I will end the session at 6:10 p.m. and I will not charge for the 10 minutes ( for example lets say that the agreed rate was $30.00 per hour it will cost the student $25.00).

Now lets come to the quality of my services. To my opinion two are the components of an effective tutor; teaching ability and knowledge of the subject matter. In the first element two features come into play. The teaching methodology and the communication skills of the tutor. Regarding my teaching methodology I refer you to my "teaching philosophy" statement of this website. As far as my ability to communicate knowledge is the only part that I can't convince you because the only way to find out is by meeting with me for a tutoring session. It will only cost you a small amount equivalent to my hourly fee and that's the only small risk you have to take.

Now regarding my competence in the subject matter. As I mentioned above my academic credentials are indications for that but not a prove. Hence I can't provide you with any confirmation regarding this matter. But what I can do is I can give you insurances if something goes wrong. Here I believe there are two problems that one can face. The first is that a student may ask a question that I can answer right away ( although the possibility for this to happen at a secondary 1 course is almost zero but it may rise as we advance to cegep or university level courses). In this case either I have to spent few minutes to figure out the problem or I will continue with other questions and think about it later at home. The decision will be taken in consultation with the student. If we agree to spent some time with the challenging question let's say 15 minutes it will be no charge for this time. That means that if the session started at 5.00p.m. and it was for one hour I will end the session at 6.15p.m. and charge only for an hour.

Something else that can affect the quality of this business is that I may give false information in a challenging question. This case is extremely rare because as a responsible human being an tutor if I am not certain about an answer of a problem I will definitely admit so. Hence this situation is rather theoretical but because I want you to feel absolutely secure with my services I feel the need to explain my policy even in this almost impossible case. Let's say that in an hourly session with a $45.00 fee it takes me 20 minutes to solve a problem and after all I give a wrong solution. I will refund the student with the amount of $30.00 which is double  the $15.00 which corresponds to the 20 minutes wasted. And this is because I acknowledge that I fail twice; once that I waste the student's time and second I left him/her in a confusion even temporarily with all the implications that this may have.

I will like to note that all adjustments that I mentioned above will be in such a way that the student will never be left behind in his/her studies (exams, assignments, projects, etc). That's why I encourage students to make arrangements in advance which will allow us to face any unpredicted problems.

Finally to summarize briefly I believe that I gave you all the assurances you need to trust me with your educational achievement in math and physics. The risk that I left to you is minimal and your money will be invested wisely. Of course the decision is yours.




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