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There are so many mathematics and  physics tutors in the greater Montreal area. That gives parents and students lot of options to choose from.

Below I would try to convince you why you should choose me over other peers of mine. I believe you should do so for the following reasons:

a) My studying instructions  lead to a boost of the self confidence of the student in these subjects. At the same time they promote a goal which might even be  against my short term interest; Yes the ultimate goal of my coaching and tutoring approach is to minimize, or why not completely set my services unnecessary. The majority of my students use my services about 70% less often at the end of our cooperation, compare to what they did at the beginning. And again that's because the core of my service is to teach the students how to study and not study with them forever.

b) I have the academic preparation to do this. I have a B.Sc.- Physics  from university of Athens and a M.T.M (Master in the Teaching of Mathematics, Cegep level) from Concordia university. That means that I have excellent grasp of the subject matter and the teaching methods, plus the training of a teacher.

c) I am not part of the many tutoring companies serving the area. The majority  of these companies are own by people that have no clue about education and some of them would not even mention their name in their website. For them it is just another opportunity to make some fast cash in a field of business which is not regulated. They use students whom the pay very low and most of them have little or no preparation in the subject matter.

d) I am not a student working in one of the companies mentioned in (b) or just working for myself, trying to make few bucks to help finance my education. Of course is nothing wrong with this, but besides the fact that most of these students are incompetent they are also not very reliable. Specifically around exam time when you would need them the most they will also have to struggle with their own challenges. And trust me when this time comes and they will have to choose between your and their academic success, you will not be their priority, despite their best of intentions sometimes.

e) I serve my customers in their place of preference (for some additional fee if I have to travel for more than 15 minutes from my location). And since I have my own car I can serve you even in areas of the island that have very restricted or not access at all to public transportation.

f) Despite the fact that I am one man service I do have a couple of back up options in case that for reasons above my power (severe health issue, etc.) I will not be able to serve you in a particular day. These are people whom I know for many years, they have been proven very reliable and they can be available in a very short notice.

g) My tuition fees  are very reasonable. I am not the cheapest in the area but I believe that with me you get the best value for the money you pay.  In top of that  I am very flexible with the payment options. After all I have been a student myself and I am familiar with the financial difficulties that students face.

Summarizing I believe that I run a very professional math and physics tutoring service in Montreal.  Being a full time tutor in the area for 12 consecutive years and knowing the overwhelming majority of my peers directly or indirectly I, without any hesitation rank myself in the best 1%. All this is an attempt to convince you to join my service because of course I would like to have you as a customer, but it is also a very sincere evaluation of the tutoring market in the Montreal area that will help you to make the best choice, which I hope will be me.




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