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Tuition Fees  


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Tutoring fees


My hourly rate depends on  the level of the course to be tutored  and the distance I have to travel in order to meet with the student/s. In general my hourly rate  $45.00.  Please call to have your exact rate.


Coaching fees


In this case the student pays $50.00 for the initial evaluation. Afterwards once we define the goal that the pupil has to reach, we agree on an amount to be paid. 

NOTE: Various discounts may apply on these rates depending on the situation. Such cases are, but not limited the following:

i) Family with more than one child to be tutored,

ii) Student who is referring another student,

iii) Student who is hiring me for more than one course.

For each of these cases the student or the family will receive a 10% discount. For example lets say a family hires me to tutor one of their kids and for this child we agree on an hourly rate of $40.00. In the process they find out that their other child needs tutoring. They will get a discount of 10% of $40.00 which is $4.00. That means that from now on they will pay $36.00 per hour for both their children. And know lets say that one of the two kids that are already in tutoring needs help in another subject or course. The family will get another 10% discount on the $36.00 hourly rate which is $3.60. That means that from now on they will pay $32.40 per hour for all the tutoring their kids need.

In general the main idea is that the more business you bring me the better is the price that I will offer you and I think this is reasonable in any kind of business.

Group rates are also available.

For second year university courses please try to make an early reservation because there is an increased demand.




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